To make your appointment as smooth as possible, please bring the following:

  • Health card
  • Your doctor’s name, address, and phone number
  • Reading material or something you enjoy working at
  • For a night-time study: comfortable pajamas or a night-gown which is loose at the neck, a bath robe, slippers, shampoo an whatever toiletries you use in the morning
  • For a daytime study: wear comfortable clothing that buttons down the front or slips over your head easily
  • If you are on medications, check with your doctor and the sleep lab what medications, including vitamins, you should bring and when you take them
  • A list of medications that you take – the name, the strength, how much and when you take them
  • A CPAP (a sleep apnea device) along with your tubes, mask, and headgear, if you have one
  • Men should be clean shaven or have beards neatly trimmed prior to arriving at the clinic

Please leave all valuable jewelry at home. The clinic cannot be responsible for the loss of personal possessions. Arrangements may be made to check-in purses and wallets.