The Bluewater Sleep Disorder Clinic is an essential service providing medical services as an Independent Health Facility with the Ministry of Health. Our Patient health and safety is our primary concern.

Below are policies in Place to keep you safe during you stay at our clinic;

 1. Patient Screening: All patients under go several screening stages before entering our premises and only those who pass are permitted entry to our facility.

2. Staff Screening: All staff undergo screening at the beginning of their shift including temperature checks. Only staff who pass are permitted to enter our facility.

3. Temperature Checks: All patients, staff, and visitors undergo temperature screening prior to entering the facility.

4. Cleaning Measures: Our offices meet Independent Health Facility (IHF) cleaning standards. In expansion to normal infection prevention and Control (IPAC) Rules, we are including professional house cleaning services along with extra cleaning routine to protect you.

5. Full PPE for Staff Members: All staff members are provided with full personal protective equipment to be  worn for the duration of your study.

6. Social Distancing Measures: We have reduced our patient flow, provided different arrival time and spaced patient when in the facility to safely serve you. Hand sanitizer is provided and all visitors are asked to wear a cloth mask or face covering while in our clinics.